05 Jun 2012

Ellie Schrock and Beaumont Elementary Finally Raise $5,500 to Build a Well in Africa!

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Thanks to a very generous donation from McNab Financial, LLC, Ellie Schrock and Beaumont Elementary raised the $5,500 required for Drop in the Bucket to build a well in Africa. Since she was four-years-old, upon seeing pictures of children drinking dirty water from a hole in the ground via the Internet, Ellie has had a very strong desire to help provide safe drinking water for kids in Africa. She has worked closely with her parents, and her teacher, Jennifer Knipper to create awareness regarding the problem and has been part of various fundraising efforts at her school. Kevin McNab, owner of McNab Financial, LLC is a close personal friend of Ellie’s father Adam Schrock, and felt a compelling desire to be a corporate sponsor towards the cause of providing safe drinking water for those in need.

Ellie and her mother Melissa Schrock announced the fundraising success to Beaumont Elementary Wednesday. May 30. Principle, Jan McCarten was presented with a Drop in the Bucket t-shirt and Mrs. Knipper received flowers for their efforts in assisting Ellie with obtaining her fundraising goal. Drop in The Bucket’s Co-Founder and President John Travis has advised the students are able to name the well and can expect implementation in the next 3-8 months. Students at Beaumont have been asked to submit one 8 character name per classroom by Wednesday, June 6. Ellie will pick her favorite name.

Drop in the Bucket

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